Rural Land Sharing Community Development

Greenloaning recently carried out preliminary surveys and assessments for a Rural Land Sharing Community Development near Lismore, northern NSW. The site supported some remnant and regenerating native vegetation, interspersed with cleared grassland and paddock trees. Target surveys confirmed the occurrence of one threatened plant species and one Endangered Ecological Community currently listed under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. The potential for some occurrence of threatened fauna species also was identified. The Development Application for the project has been approved by Council and further target surveys and the preparation and a Flora and Fauna Management Plan are proposed.

This Plan would encompass a range of measures including:

  • Comprehensive details on the existing site vegetation communities and habitats
  • Identification of priority weed control areas and weed control procedures
  • Identification of priority habitat enhancement areas
  • Vertebrate pest management measures and
  • Procedures to encourage community understanding and involvement in the long term management of the subject site in the context of long term sustainability and biodiversity enhancement.

Existing areas of high conservation value vegetation will be retained on-site and a range of measures undertaken to encourage natural regenerative processes and enhance overall habitat values in the medium to long term. Compensatory plantings will be undertaken to offset clearing of habitat and food trees.