Greenloaning has extensive experience in all types of pre-clearing surveys, fauna handling and rescue, and wildlife and threatened species’ management.

The ecology and management of microbats is a particular specialty of the company director, Alison Martin, who currently is developing industry guidelines, in conjunction with another colleague, for the specific management of microbats in linear infrastructure. Alison presented a poster on the positive outcomes from the Glebe Bridge project at the recent Australasian Wildlife Management Society Conference (AWMS).

Services offered include:

  • Comprehensive pre-clearing/pre-works surveys to identify potential issues to manage during clearing/works operations, such as tree hollow roosts or microbat roosts in existing infrastructure
  • Clearing supervision and fauna handling/rescue as may be required
  • Supervision of fauna potentially sensitive to disturbance during works
  • Organising treatment or care for injured or dependent animals
  • On-going advice on fauna and threatened species’ management for the duration of a project as required

Examples of projects:

  • New Brighton erosion control works
  • Shannon Creek water storage facility construction – all pre-clearing surveys, clearing supervision and threatened species management
  • Ballina Bypass Pacific Highway upgrade – pre-clearing surveys and clearing supervision
  • Supervision of weed control works in a flying-fox camp at Woodford, Qld
  • Development and supervision of translocation plans for threatened plant species – Ballina Bypass
  • Timbarra Gold Mine – all pre-clearing surveys, clearing supervision and threatened species management