Greenloaning has been involved in a diverse range of projects relating to flora and fauna and ecological/environmental issues, including short term studies, intensive and comprehensive large-scale surveys and long term ecological management of projects requiring consideration of a complex array of issues and species. The company specialises in ecological studies and has considerable experience working in many ecosystem types throughout NSW and Queensland. We also have a range of experienced specialist colleagues to bring into a project as may be required to provide an efficient and highly professional service for broader environmental studies.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Biodiversity offset surveys and assessments

  • Biocondition assessments

  • Peer Reviews

  • Pre-clearing surveys/clearing supervision/spotter-catcher services

  • Baseline flora and fauna surveys and target threatened species surveys/monitoring programmes

  • Vegetation community mapping, including Endangered Ecological Communities (EECs - NSW) and Regional Ecosystem (RE - QLD) assessments and habitat mapping

  • Constraints analyses

  • Preparation of State (NSW and Qld) and Commonwealth compliance documents

  • Management plans (vegetation, weed, species/threatened species, environmental, wetlands, restoration/rehabilitation, feral pests etc.)

  • Sepp 44 Koala assessments, Koala Plans of Management (KPoMS) and Referrals

  • Microbat and Flying-fox surveys, management plans and monitoring programmes

  • Development of threatened species management protocols and monitoring programmes

  • Rehabilitation/restoration planning and monitoring.

  • GIS mapping and analysis

  • Providing expertise in environmental disputes and litigation procedures

  • Feral animal and weed monitoring / control and preparation of weed management plans

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  • Pre-clearing surveys
  • Baseline surveys


  • Koala surveys
  • Pre-works beach erosion


  • Regional Ecosystem
  • Expert panel riparian


  • Threatened species
  • Feral pest monitoring