Kathy Owen

Botany, Ecology and GIS Analysis

Kathy joined Greenloaning in late 2016, taking on a role that incorporates Botany, Ecology and GIS Analysis, bringing to Greenloaning over 15 years’ experience in research and consulting. Her Honours and PhD, completed at the University of New England, Armidale, examined selfing, inbreeding depression and ovule pre-emption in Bulbine bulbosa, a native lilioid monocot. Kathy also has completed a systematic study on a group of Boronia spp. including the endangered B. ruppii & B.boliviensis.

Surveying and assessing a diverse range of flora, fauna and vegetation communities in Northern NSW and Southeast/Central Qld, Kathy consolidated and increased her field, technical and writing skills. She also developed a broad understanding of a diverse range of ecological issues in the context of both State and Federal environmental legislation.

Initially trained in the field of botany, Kathy subsequently has developed a keen interest in native fauna, gaining skills in reptile handling, ornithology and frog studies as part of ongoing consultancy work. Her most recent interests are in butterflies and spiders.

Kathy has worked in urban, rural and remote settings, both independently and as part of a team. Integral to this work, she has drawn successfully on not only her academic and technical abilities, but also her skills in communication, team participation and leadership, resilience, conflict resolution; and commitment to occupational health and safety.